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New condos to rise in Katipunan

By Lyka Janelle Pacleb

The Arton by Rockwell plans to bring the “Rockwell living experience” to Katipunan by constructing three residential buildings along Aurora Boulevard. (Artist’s perspective of The Arton’s exterior, photo from The Arton’s official website)

Condominium buildings owned by three major property developers in Katipunan have begun construction and are set to open their doors from 2020 onward, amid the daily heavy traffic along the avenue and the influx of commercial establishments within the area.

Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC), Scheirman & Cruz Property Holdings, Inc. (SCPHI) and Rockwell Land Corporation launched their condominiums as early as 2016, placing them in key locations near schools and universities, businesses, and shopping centers in one of Quezon City’s busiest areas.

One Katipunan Residences

One Katipunan Residences, SCPHI’s maiden project in condominium development, is set to largely accommodate students from nearby schools and universities. (Artist’s perspective of One Katipunan Residences / Photo from

At the corner of Aurora Boulevard is SCPHI’s One Katipunan Residences, a 20-story condominium building being constructed beside St. Bridget School. 

As a project collaboration with Ecoglobal Development Corporation (EDC), SCPHI hailed One Katipunan as its maiden effort in condominium development, after running shopping centers and hotels such as Xentro Malls and Dreamwave Hotels.

Occupying a 636-square meter lot, One Katipunan will have only 12 units per floor, promising its clients a “low density community” that would give them more privacy and security.

Available units are measured to be around 25 to 27 sqm. for one bedroom (priced at P4.2 million), and around 39 to 42 sqm. for two bedrooms (priced at P6.9 million).

A model of One Katipunan Residences’ one-bedroom unit showcases an Italian-inspired interior. (Photo from

All units would also have balconies, allowing residents to have a 360-degree view of the Katipunan skyline, the campuses of Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College, and even the neighboring mountains of Antipolo.

With college students as its primary target clients, the condominium building features amenities such as an infinity pool, fitness center, library, jacuzzi, pocket gardens, and a strong fiber connection. 

SCPHI began constructing the high-rise structure in April 2018, and is scheduled to be completed in December 2020.

The Arton by Rockwell

The Arton is a three-building residential area developed by Rockwell Land Corporation along Aurora Boulevard. (Artist’s perspective of The Arton at night, photo from The Arton’s official website)

After establishing Rockwell Center in Makati, which solidified the company’s reputation, Rockwell Land has decided to extend “the Rockwell living experience” outside the business district through The Arton in Katipunan.

Located on the other side of Aurora Boulevard, where the road connects right to Marcos Highway, The Arton is seen as the “only high-end residential high-rise development within [Katipunan].” 

The 1.9-hectare Rockwell Land property will soon have three residential buildings — Arton West, North Tower, and East Tower — with 24, 28, and 34 stories respectively.

According to The Arton, their studio units “provide a serene and conducive environment, perfect for pursuing an education or a budding young career.” (Photo from The Arton’s official website)

With a standard price of P145,000 per square meter, The Arton prices its studio units (27 sqm.) at P3.9 million, one-bedroom units (45 sqm.) at P7 million, two-bedroom units (85 sqm.) at P12 million, and three-bedroom units (100 sqm.) at P16 million.

Each Arton Tower will have individual pools aside from the main pool, a FIBA-sized basketball court, a separate trail for pets, four high-speed elevators, an automatic fire alarm, closed-circuit TV monitoring, an exclusive drop-off bay, and an electronic security system.

Arton West will be the first of the three to rise, as it will be opening in 2021, while the North Tower was launched in 2018. On the other hand, the launching of Arton’s East Tower is yet to be announced.

Torre Lorenzo Loyola

Torre Lorenzo Loyola, TLDC’s new addition to its line of university residences, will soon rise on Katipunan’s Rosa Alvero Street. (Artist’s perspective, photo from Torre Lorenzo Loyola’s official website)

Strategically located near Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, and University of the Philippines Diliman, Torre Lorenzo Loyola is a 35-story condominium building that serves as the latest addition to TLDC’s line of university residential buildings.

The said high-rise found along Rosa Alvero Street aims to provide college students “a different kind of comfort, convenience, security and ease of access, especially with the worsening traffic conditions in the metro.”

According to Jeffrey Sepnio, TLDC’s property investment consultant, the condominium building is planned to have its first and second floors as commercial areas (convenience stores, shops, and a food hall), its third to seventh floors as parking spaces, its eighth and ninth floors as amenities such as swimming pools, and ninth to 35th floors as residential areas. 

Torre Lorenzo Loyola offers studio and one-bedroom units, with 21 sqm. studio units priced at P4.3 million (fully furnished) and 24 sqm. studio units at P5.2 million. 

A model of Torre Lorenzo Loyola’s 24-sqm. studio unit shows how TLDC planned the construction “with residents’ welfare and comfort in mind.” (Photo from Torre Lorenzo Loyola’s official website)

Sepnio explained that what sets Torre Lorenzo buildings apart from other developers is their key systems: their radio-frequency identification (RFID) feature that would enable parents to be notified of their child’s entrance and exit to the building; their Student First Program designed to prioritize student tenants’ needs; and their Rental Assistance Management Program (RAMP) that would let TLDC take care of the leasing, should the owner decide to rent out the unit.

The construction of Torre Lorenzo Loyola began in July this year, and is expected to be completed in 2023.


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