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Regis Center: Lifestyle in One

One place that pops into the minds of students from Ateneo de Manila University when asked about places along Katipunan would be the Regis Center or more commonly known as Regis. Regis offers a variety of services such as food establishments, offices, a bank, a bookstore and more. This building is located at 327 Katipunan Avenue, right across the Ateneo de Manila University campus.

Regis Center during the night time // Photo by Janela Gaw

Regis is often a go-to place for having meetings or getting a quick bite with friends. This building experiences thousands of foot traffic everyday from students and employees alike.  The variety of food establishments available make Regis a convenient place to go to when one wants to have a meal nearby. Listed below is the breakdown of each floor level in Regis Center which may serve as a guide to what one can expect to find here.

Located on the first floor are Lawson’s convenience store, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Fully Booked, Sebastian’s, Krispy Kreme as well as BDO. This floor contains general services that people usually need such as exchanging money, buying supplies, or having a meeting.

Next, the second floor is more focused on restaurants and it also connects the building to the footbridge along Katipunan which is also connected to Miriam College and the Ateneo. The restaurants on this floor are the following: Brown’s Gourmet, Buffalo’s, Coco, Bonchon, Black Scoop, Samgyupsalamat, and Hanako.  The floor offers lounges near the elevators for people who need a place to sit and wait. As compared to the first floor, the second floor can be described as more straight to the point as most of its space is dedicated to the restaurants. When one still can’t choose which of the restaurants to eat in, the third floor gives them more options.

Multiple food stalls surround each side of the food court // Photo by Janela Gaw

One place that people love the most in Regis Center would be its food court located on the third floor. The layout of the food court makes it a different experience to eat in as one would immediately face the many food stalls that offer different cuisines. These food stalls include: Lemon Stop, Fruitas, Ben and Jen’s Food Corner, Poke Poke, Yummy Tokyo, Curry Hun, Rafa’s Kitchen, The Coop, The Battered Bird, and Fudo. With the wide variety of selections on this floor, it is no wonder that many people would choose to eat here for lunch and dinner. Equipped with many tables and televisions, the Regis food court is definitely an ideal place to dine in and bond with friends.

Although the majority of the establishments in this building are more on food services at first glance, Regis actually has a lot to offer on its upper levels. Fitness centers such as Gold’s Gym and the White Space and Mind Body Wellness Studio are located on the fourth and sixth floor respectively.  There is also a church for worship services located on the fifth floor of the building called Victory. Additionally, Health centers such as the Medical City clinic can be found on the seventh floor.

Regis Center is a building that has more than what meets the eye as it offers a variety of lifestyle services throughout its building. From the description coming from the Regis Center themselves, it does indeed serve as the heart of Katipunan.


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