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Black Scoop’s about to have three branches along Katip. Here’s why.

By Tatiana L. Maligro

Wintermelon Milk Tea
Black Scoop Cafe is one of the up-and-coming milk tea shops in the metro, and it’s become a hit among Katipunan students. Photo from booky.

Katipunan is no stranger to Cafes. With at least two big universities along the area—Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines-Diliman — Katipunan is home to at least 15 different cafes. Each cafe has its own personality, from homey vibes like Ella and the Blackbird to more rustic cafes like Butcher’s Cafe (formerly Equatorial).

There is, however, one cafe that seems to stand out. Although its ambiance does not exactly stand out to other cafes along Katipunan, its business is doing well enough to have two branches along the area (Esteban Abada and Regis Center), with a third one opening soon at UP Town Center.

Every student’s dream menu

One of the many reasons why Black Scoop is doing well in Katipunan is the menu.

Unlike other cafes along Katipunan, Black Scoop has a menu that goes beyond the typical cafe. With creative frappes such as Hershey’s Cream Cheese and unique flavors such as Brown Sugar Latte, a customer will never run out of options.

Aside from frappes, Black Scoop’s menu is also one that goes beyond coffee. 

The cafe has been popular for its menu that includes milk tea and ice cream, each with unique flavors of their own. One of the unique flavors includes milk tea with Grass Jelly (Php 95 for medium)  and Black Bison (Php 85 for medium) flavors. 

For students who are milk tea fanatics, they also serve their milk tea in liters.

Black Scoop’s milk tea gallon in comparison to two regular sizes of milk tea. Photo by @elizabethxluna on Twitter.

Black Scoop’s ice cream is also something to look forward to. Aside from the Mascarpone Soft Serve, the cafe is also notorious for its Milk Tea ice cream. Both are at Php 120.

Black Scoop’s Mascarpone Soft Serve. Photo from

Drinks aside, the cafe also has good cakes, pasta, and sandwiches ranging from Php 150-250.

With a colorful menu and cheap prices, it is no surprise that students flock to Black Scoop branches along Katipunan.

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Aside from the wide variety of food and drink options for affordable prices, Black Scoop also meets the top requirements for students studying in cafes: WiFi and outlets.

With these menu, WiFi, and outlets in the mix, students like Mariana Gardoce (2 AB COM) cannot help but frequent Black Scoop.

“It has one of the cheapest drinks and [electric] outlets,” she explains.

Black Scoop has also proven to be a decent place to do group work when the usual spots on campus are full, especially with the outlets.

“It’s not the best [place to do group work],” Gardoce clarifies, “But yes to the outlets, no to the ambiance.”


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