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B.Wings : A Staple Katipunan Resto

B.Wings Entrance. Photo credits :

Frankie’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Buffalo’s. Only some of the widely known restaurants famous for their chicken wings. But hidden among the hustle and bustle of Katipunan is one of its hidden chicken wing gems.

In 2012, Marc Castro left the corporate world to pursue his love for food. Castro, along with his partners, who were also his co-workers in the office he was employed in, put up B.Wings in the same year. 7 Years later, B.Wings has established itself as a staple among Katipunan residents. Tucked just behind Regis center, this hole-in-the-wall resto offers chicken wings with a variety of flavors and other meals to choose from. It doesn’t hurt that their price point won’t put a dent in your wallet either.

Display o f customer’s pictures on the wall. Photo credit :

Over the years, B.Wings has become a go-to for students whether they are from UP, Miriam or Ateneo. The amount of people’s pictures displayed on the wall is enough proof of its patron’s sentiments for the store.

 Located near its neighboring universities, B.Wings is a viable food option because of its accessibility and good food. The store is located in Loyola Heights Condominium, Esteban Abada, Quezon City. It isn’t too far from universities and offices, so it easy to go to. One can take a jeep, a tricycle or even walk to and from the resto if they’re in for an exercise! (or to walk off all those chicken wings).

Of course, the star of the show is B.Wings’ chicken wings. Right off the bat, something customers will notice on the menu is the unique names for their chicken wings. Named after presidents, the food lives up to their name with its presidential flavors.

Different B-Wings flavors. Photo Credit :

Customers have 12 different flavors to choose from. PNoy is a simple yet unique flavor inspired by the Filipino dish, sinigang, with dayap (lime) undertones. For Barbeque lovers, BNay is the way to go. Its barbeque flavor is perfect for Filipino taste buds. If customers are feeling courageous, they can sample Barack o Pakpak, the hottest flavor on B.Wings’ menu. Their secret? Fresh herbs, spices and a touch of cilantro.

Other variants customers can try are the classis Garlic Cheddar wings, Caramelized wings, flavored with peanut butter, Morimoto wings, New York style with wasabi and leeks. They also serve Chicano wings, Spicy dHOTerte and their Original and Mild Buffalo Wings. To complete the B.Wings experience, try ordering their Best-seller, the Black Mamba wings. Now, its mix of Mexican flavors, spicy chillies and hints of sweet cocoa may sound odd, but customers’ taste buds are sure to be wowed with its explosive flavor.

Aside from its great variety of flavors, B. Wings’ food prices are affordable and won’t put a hole in the wallet. Customers can get ½ Pounder wings for Php 199. A full meal of chicken wings and rice is priced competitively at Php 175 plus it already comes with a dip! (choice of Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard or Garlic Aioli)

Jack Cordero, a student from Ateneo De Manila University shared his review on B.Wings. Cordero has been enjoying the food ever since he learned about it in his last year of high school. When asked about why he thinks B.Wings is popular, he said: “I think people like B-Wings because of wings itself. Wings have become popular because of the sheer quantity of what you can get for a smaller price, especially with a student area like Katipunan.”

Cordero also shared why he enjoyed B.Wings, attributing its quality and its accessibility. “It’s my favorite wings place not just in Katipunan. The sauces are good and tastefully done, like I feel like many of the other wing places along Katipunan submerge their wings in sauce and it’s way too much. Also, because it’s walking distance from school.”

With its excellent flavors, affordable price and accessible location, it’s no wonder B-wings has established itself among Katipunan residents. Whether it be to satisfy that chicken wings craving or to just find a good place to eat, B.Wings is one of the best restaurants to try in Katipunan.


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