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[COLUMN] Youth Speaks

Students in shambles due to vaping ban President Rodrigo Duterte had recently announced a vaping ban throughout the country to alleviate the growing users of vape and e-cigarettes. Recently, the Philippine National Police arrested 243 people in public places to comply with the president’s issuance of the ban, taking 2,878 operations for these people toContinue reading “[COLUMN] Youth Speaks”

Kaibigans of Katipunan

Nestled in a cozy book at the corner of a cafe is 20-year-old Filipina exchange student Mariel Lopez. Studying Communication for a semester in Ateneo de Manila University, Mariel is originally from Aurora, Canada, who has often found her herself visiting the country she has since left and loved since she was five years old.  MarielContinue reading “Kaibigans of Katipunan”

[COLUMN] Youth Speaks

Breaking barriers, building bridges One hundred and twelve students from all over the world delved into a leap when they decided to study in the Philippines for the 2019-2020 school year, much more in studying in Ateneo de Manila University. The institution welcomes nearly a hundred exchange students every semester to cater to the foreignContinue reading “[COLUMN] Youth Speaks”

An Emerging Safe Space: Nine Three Cafe

One of Katipunan’s hidden gems is the swarming cafes that cater to the students in need of late night caffeine and a quiet cozy place to do their work, well then, Nine Three Cafe is the perfect place to go! Owners, Franz Lim, Ryan Ng, Jay Norris Go, Keith Shy, and Taks Arguelles, aged 31Continue reading “An Emerging Safe Space: Nine Three Cafe”