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Bottom’s up, Katipunan!

By: Andrea Mikaela Llanes Rarely is the college experience an alcohol-free one. With the various bars that come and go along Katipunan Avenue, one is sure to find their fix no matter what it may be. In this article, we look to some of the best bars to in Katipunan—and how to make the bestContinue reading “Bottom’s up, Katipunan!”


Kaibigans of Katipunan

Nestled in a cozy book at the corner of a cafe is 20-year-old Filipina exchange student Mariel Lopez. Studying Communication for a semester in Ateneo de Manila University, Mariel is originally from Aurora, Canada, who has often found her herself visiting the country she has since left and loved since she was five years old.  MarielContinue reading “Kaibigans of Katipunan”